Why Corporate Wellness?

“Paradise Fitness strives to keep Guam corporations healthy. Our mission is to inspire, educate and improve the lives of your employees, as reflected in their positive attitude and contribution to not only their work, but their lives in general”

Our Corporate Wellness program embraces the notion that a fit workforce equates to a healthier business. Wellness programs are the way of the future for companies that want to protect their most valuable asset – their employees!  When health management becomes a business priority, it can create healthier, happier and more productive employees. “Health is Wealth”  

Paradise Fitness can help your workforce make significant health improvements which may include:

• Reducing absenteeism
• Improving employee morale
• Increasing productivity
• Educating employees about the importance of Exercise
• Weight loss or management
• Stress reduction
• Improving strength and endurance
• Increasing self-confidence

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